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They are not considered to be CAM herein because CBT has a separate and well-developed basis in cognitive and behavioral theories.

The CAM techniques that are used in CBT (e.g., relaxation, mindfulness) are conceptualized as supporting cognitive-behavioral mechanisms as opposed to operating on their own to create change.

Some studies have found no benefit associated with relaxation as compared to other PTSD treatments (19-21).

Other trials have shown that relaxation is associated with clinically meaningful, albeit modest, changes in PTSD symptoms (22-24).

For example, relaxation may be used during exposure-based treatment for PTSD to manage arousal, thereby helping the patient to tolerate the exposure, which is believed to be the major change agent.

The use of CAM therapies specifically for management and treatment of mental health problems is common (8) and increasing (9,10).The current empirical evidence for different CAM modalities in PTSD is described below.This is not an exhaustive list of potential applications of CAM in PTSD.For this reason, such interventions are not considered to be CAM.In general, reported rates of CAM use are similar in Veteran and civilian samples, ranging from approximately one-quarter to one-half of respondents, depending on the type of CAM and health conditions assessed (2-4).

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