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Told me to take the boys and sit on the curb and he'd be right back. Few hours later, we're still sitting on the sidewalk and Ian's head is burning up. It would have been easier scoring crack than a ride to the clinic.

So I ran down the street, Lip under one arm, Ian under the other, trying to flag down help. My mother is bipolar and my father is an alcoholic and an addict.

You can't bottom-line some rip-off from the get-go.

The phrase "Jew me down" only works if you take the fair price I start with and you slowly Jew me down to an unacceptable number.

You know, it's-- I can't-- I can't regiment my life like that, all right?

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It's the only thing that's ever meant anything to me. Wish I could say that was the only time, but it was just the first. First thing he asked me, was how much money I had on me. Gay club bartender: You think you're the first one to come in here boo-hooing about some cocktail slut who jacked you off in the bathroom, told you it was true love, and then disappeared? Sammi and Chuckie need me, and Sammi is a train wreck. I, What if, I have to stay close to my doctors and my family.

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