En el apartado de configuraciones podemos indicar algunas de nuestras preferencias como nuestro idioma, si somos hombre o mujer y si queremos conversar con mujeres, hombres o ambos.

Seguramente aún guardáis algún rincón en vuestra memoria para Chatroulette, aquella aplicación que nos permitia conocer personas de forma aleatoria usando nuestra webcam, aplicación que llegó a ser tan famosa como polémica debido a la gran cantidad de pornografía que podía encontrarse.

Though has risen from the ashes of the British Raj, it is unable to take flight, bound by the shackles of nothing but corruption, bigoted conservativeness, and the fight over trivial matters (Check out this post from Bhatta to see what i mean), when a diamond mine lies straight ahead.

Politics can be defined as “The methods or tactics involved in managing a state or government”.

But here, politics is the “art” of clinging on to the seats of power (often shamelessly), and making so called necessary reforms, so that it ensures your return to highest echelons of power.

We are like Arjuna-Partha, stunned and silent, watching all this unfold in front of us, time and again, not having the courage to do what is right and take the easy way out and go along with it all, or worse still, not be bothered about it at all. “Lok Paritran” (or Emancipator of the Masses) is a new party that has been floated by ex-IITians, trying to make a difference.

Como si ya no existieran suficientes clones de Chatroulette, recientemente ha aparecido otro más en la red: Chat Gambler, un servicio con el que podemos chatear a través de vídeo con personas de todo el mundo de forma aleatoria.La filosofia che sta alla base del servizio è la stessa: dare la possibilità a chiunque possieda un microfono e una webcam di chattare in tempo reale con partner casuali in giro per il mondo.La differenza sostanziale che rende Chat Gambler diverso da Chatroulette è che qui l’utente ha la possibilità di specificare alcuni requisiti che permettono di selezionare in modo migliore il partner remoto.I truly hope this guys can make the difference and it spreads like wild fire, all over the nation, much like how our freedom struggle started.Check out the party homepage – manifesto – Lok Paritran Manifesto An interview of the Party leaders that came in Headlines today (thanks to Sudhish Kamath for the video)Lok Paritran was interviewed by Headlines Today around mid of April.

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