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“I was only talking about things that were reported last year, that’s all. The hackers searched through about 80,000 records overall, with the elections board confirming that the records of just under 3,000 voters were viewed by the hackers.

The Chicago Sun-Times has learned how the hackers got in the Illinois State Board of Elections system.

News that the Illinois State Board of Elections was hacked — possibly by Russians — was disclosed when the Washington Post reported on Aug.

29 that “hackers targeted voter registration systems in Illinois and Arizona, and the FBI alerted Arizona officials in June that Russians were behind the assault on the election system in that state.” Rep.

Topping off the cake, I have some White Russian ancestors, and am familiar with many of them as well as more recent expats via my hobby of Russia punditry.

Once detected, the staff put in code changes on July 12.“We figured out the hole they had gotten through and plugged that up,” Menzel said. On July 19, the Illinois General Assembly and the Illinois Attorney General were notified.The AG’s office notified the FBI, which started an investigation in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security. A variety of security enhancements were put in place and more monitoring for traffic from malicious sources started.Prominent examples included Zworykin (TV), Sikorsky (helicopters), and Nabokov (writer).They did not necessarily come to the US straight away: Many came via the great European cities, like Berlin, or Paris, where in the 1920’s, old White Army officers sat around dinghy bars, drowning their sorrows in drink and spending what remained of their money on cockroach racing. One girl I know originated from Russian exiles in Harbin, Manchuria (mother’s side) and Brazil (father’s side) who met up and stayed in the US.

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