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As Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, describing the conditions in the Soviet gulags: ‘There was one nation that would not give in, would not acquire the mental habits of submission—and not just individual rebels among them, but the whole nation to a man.

These were the Chechens.’ But this was a struggle for more than political survival.

This, therefore, is a handbook for survival: one we may dare to hope may help others to stem this loss of a unique heritage.

He is also a member of the Central Eurasian Studies Society at Harvard University.This book is an indispensable and accessible resource for all those with an interest in Chechnya.Amjad Jaimoukha is Assistant President of the Royal Scientific Society in Jordan.Significantly, the Chechens, for all their warlike reputation, have never sought to invade another country or enslave another people.And, while one cannot ignore the scale of Russian savagery against the Chechens, one cannot ignore the interdependence that has grown between the two peoples.

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