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'Accordingly, there being no evidence of any relation between the controversy in this case and the two contacts Duggar had with California for business, the Court does not find personal jurisdiction to exist in this case,' court documents read.

Matthew Mc Carthy, an LA native, had sued the 19 Kids and Counting Star for defamation last year after claiming his picture was hijacked for use on Twitter, Ok Cupid, and Ashley Madison - the infamous cheaters hookup website.

'I started this whole health journey not for looks-wise, not to like "get super skinny" or anything like that.Admitting that she's never been a fan of traditional exercise and listing running on the treadmill as one of her least favorite ways to get fit, Remi said she tried to find other ways to exercise.She is a fan of celebrity favorite, Soul Cycle, admitting she really pushes herself to go.She also said going to bed earlier has helped eliminate late night snack and midnight cravings.But Remi did reveal that if she really wants a cheat meal, her vice of choice is fried chicken.

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