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The experts say workplace romances — always fraught, risky propositions — have only gotten more anguished following the uncovering of abuses at offices nationwide.Saturday Night Live recently featured a skit with an overwhelmed HR manager reminding everyone of the rules.“One positive thing coming out of this is people are getting educated about what are the boundaries you should be conscious of,” she added.“It kind of takes if off autopilot.”The office is one of the most popular places to find a lover.

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'Using a sickle, I made a small clearing and spotted the tail end of the snake, and tugged it out by its tail.

Joshua Lybolt can understand why companies are responding aggressively to new allegations, but he also understands workplace relations: He founded Lifstyl Real Estate in Crown Point, Indiana, with his wife, Magdalena, the same year they were married.

“From an employer standpoint, I think they’re probably taking it too far, but I understand that from a risk-management issue, they want to mitigate conflict as much as possible,” he said.

Just to be safe in his own marriage, he and his wife eventually started working from different offices.

A gory clip has been released of a venomous snake regurgitating a much larger snake that it had tried to swallow whole.

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