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(I'm kinda bad at summaries, if you couldn't tell.) "I can't believe this." Tsunade sighs as she looks down at the disturbingly adorable children in shock. " Thanks to a strange new Jutsu the Rookie Nine, Sai, Sand Siblings, Taka, and most of the Akatsuki were now children again.And that meant until they could get some answers out of the "attacker," the Academy now had to act as a Ninja Day Care!Sasuke feels isolated from everyone, even his family. and spark a relationship that will shake the foundations of the Elemental Nations.' Sasu/Fem! The war is over and Sasuke is home for good, but Sakura can't choose between the boys she loves.Naru Romance/Adventure, contains numerous graphic lemons. Sasuke still has his demons and Naruto still fights them and Sakura still follows them both, but this time down a path that none of them expected. Gaara and Sasuke are both single fathers left alone by their lovers to raise their kids. Until someone new starts working in Sasuke's section of Walmart, and their world was changed for forever."So let me get this straight, you two," the doctor - something the man had insisted on being titled - looks between them, "are dimension traveling ninja that can control chakra and you got here because blondie was messing with these squiggles-""Seals," Naruto corrects readily, rubbing his side where Sasuke had elbowed him to keep his mouth shut at the 'blondie' comment."-Seals while you had a fight and momentarily lost control of an unknown amount of energy.

Over the course of the series, seeking out Sasuke when he ran away from the village, Naruto interacts with and befriends several fellow ninja in Konohagakure and other villages.

Kolejna część wspaniałej serii dla koneserów sztuki.

Znowu dodali nowe przeróbki obrazów, a Ty tylko zgaduj co to za dzieło i co za artysta to namalował.

What will he do when he meet a bubbly bundle of sunshine? Sasuke was the only thing that mattered, everything else was expendable. Itax Sasu Narux Sasu.-- This takes place at the end of manga chapter 499, when Sasuke gets ready to leave on his years long mission.

But curiosity is deadly and can spread to even the most well guarded. Instead of letting him go alone, Naruto decides to go with him and help him fix the broken world of shinobi.

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